About Us


After more than 25 years, we have mastered the skills that go into dignified, comfortable homecare. We stay apprised of all the latest trends in our field, keeping up to date on any innovative tools and any expectations that our clients may have of us. This is the level of knowledge and insight that you can expect when you enlist Nourrir. We go above and beyond homecare standards, applying the lessons that we have earned over the course of our service. Seeing this field change as much as it has, we have become acutely aware of how crucial it is for us to change along with it – while also remaining true to the values that make us who we are.

We understand how important top-quality homecare is to our clients. That is why you come to us, and that is what you want from us. You need to know that you or your loved one is in good hands. This is an area in which anything but complete certainty is unacceptable. You need to know that Nourrir is looking out for you and your well-being. While we would not expect our 25 years of experience alone to reassure you, we only hope that the wisdom and understand we have developed will keep you open to seeing what an impact we make on the homes that we enter.

Because we have served faithfully and diligently in the homecare field, our reputation precedes us. Although the Nourrir brand is new, our history is lengthy. Look around at any of the names associated with Nourrir and you will quickly generate something like a who’s who of the luminaries of local homecare. This is much more than a business for us. After all of our years seeing what outstanding homecare means to people, we go into every day assuming that we can bring a little happiness and a little peace-of-mind to our clients.

You can count on us to make the breadth of our experience available to you. While we are in your or your loved one’s home, know that we will treat it as our own. If these years have taught us anything, it is that professionalism is a must. We follow through on the promises that we make about the quality of our homecare, and as confident as we are in our mastery of every homecare skill, we still put tremendous effort into learning the ins and outs of each home environment.


As a team, we come together in collaboration, all the better to care for our clients. We believe strongly in the power of synergy, which is why each of our homecare providers takes a leadership role within the Nourrir organization. Encouraging our providers to view each homecare situation as a point of pride, we have developed a culture around excellence. We go into our clients’ homes holding ourselves to the strictest standards. This means that when Nourrir is in your corner, you will get the care that you deserve and need. You or your loved one will smile at the thought of our arrival every day. That is our goal as a homecare service provider.

We know that you have options. As you research your options, we know that there are certain ideas and claims for which you are keeping an eye out. You want to hear someone”We will be there for you.” We will be there for you, but we take this a step further. We want you to feel like we are on your side throughout every step of the homecare process. From the time that you reach out to us through the homecare itself and beyond, we guarantee respectful, friendly service.

When you are looking for a homecare service provider, we urge you to look a little deeper. Look past the surface and think about the signals of something different. Think about the way you talk about your loved ones and the care that you would show someone essential in your life. That is what Nourrir is all about – not only the industry’s idea of acceptable homecare but our devotion to you. Showing up ready to get to work, everyone at Nourrir shares this mission. We only want you or your loved one to feel special, unique, understood, heard, and cared for.


Driven by purpose, we think of homecare as something more than a business. We are always professional, yes. We bring the serious mindsets that you hope we would bring to our jobs. All of our homecare service providers, however, entered this field from an ambitious perspective. We believe in the innate potential of homecare to change lives. By warming hearts, by shifting minds, by helping people feel loved, we know that homecare can make a real difference in the world. We know that we can make a real difference in the world.

We view homecare as a calling, approaching it creatively. In addition to our day-to-day homecare assignments, all of our homecare service providers embrace ongoing education opportunities. We strive to understand the field at large. Our expertise stretches outside homecare skills and into the conditions and ailments that affect our clients. This empowers us to achieve real understanding and to show up in the moments that showing up matters most.

Every day, we are grateful that we get to do what we do. This is everything that we ever wanted out of life, to put others at ease, to use our skills and abilities for good. Homecare can be an exciting profession. There are some days that are easier than others. Through it all, we rely on the passion that we feel for our work. We never run out of motivation to show up every day because we believe so intuitively in the value of homecare. The days that are challenging only serve to invigorate us that much more.

The difference in our mindset as a homecare service provider shines through in the exceptional quality of the care that we offer. We bring enthusiasm to every homecare environment. On top of that, we have arranged an effective infrastructure for our homecare services. All of our providers know that they can turn to our central office any time they have a question about anything. We are there for our providers, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in the homecare environment.

Compassion and attention are both primary principles of ours at Nourrir. As our client, you or your loved one can be sure of each of these principles whenever we are around. We act in alignment with them, pushing ourselves and working hard because of their importance to us. We are only doing our job right if the compassion and the attention at the heart of Nourrir Homecare Services are on full display.


We are always available to answer any questions that you have. Whether you are wondering about homecare in general or there is something you would like to know about Nourrir, please never hesitate to reach out and ask. Our history, our background, our service offerings: we are open to discussing these and any other topics that may come to mind.

You need to feel like there is a person on the other of Nourrir. This is a human business. It gets at the core of what we need most from each other. Nothing is more important than attentive care – the kind that helps you through the tough moments so that you can continue to enjoy all the wonderful moments that are also ahead.

If you sense that there is something more in the market, you are correct. Nourrir is it. We stand for a better way to do homecare. 25 years and counting, we are not slowing down. Our mission and our goal as a homecare service provider are too vital. We know what our services mean to the families who have entrusted us. Hearing the calls, reading the messages, understanding the gratitude that people feel toward us, we receive daily reminders of the effect of our homecare.

To learn what Nourrir can do for you or your loved one, please call us today at {phone number} or send us a message at {e-mail address}.

Nourrir is always here for you. This is the future of homecare, and we are shaping it. The agency may be new, the logo may be sharp, but deep down, we are a team of time-tested homecare service providers intent on doing right by you.


We aim for smiles, but we guarantee satisfaction. When you choose Nourrir Homecare Services, you are choosing attentive, compassionate care backed by 25 years of experience. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, going far beyond anything any regulatory agencies would demand of us. Know that you have made the right decision in Nourrir.